Every year the selection of our products takes place on-site in the producing country. Whether the Caspian Sea, Alaska, Uruguay or in China, for us there is no journey too far to certify our standards and to guarantee the highest quality for our products. By order of Caviar Tresor our caviar is transferred in original tins to Waterloo in Belgium, where its repackage takes place in one of the world's most modern laboratory.


Before the repackaging the Caviar is taken from the original tin and is viewed by our experts: Pearly, shiny roe and a fine smell is typical for high-quality caviar. Good caviar must be uniform in shape and size.


To avoid oxidation, repackaging occurs in small doses within a few minutes. During this process the highest hygienic standards of the EU are obeyed and regularly tested.

At costumer's option the caviar can either be repackaged into glass, slide-top or vacuum-tins. Finally, every tin is sealed with a seal band according to the EU-Directives and the corresponding Cites- and Lot-number is applied to it. This assures the possibility of sourcing every single tin of caviar. Place, time and person in charge can be ascertained with the dint of this method.


Our fresh caviar will keep up to 2 months after delivery, if it is stored at a temperature of about +/- 2 degrees Celsius. Cartons made of Styrofoam are always used for the delivery. They are equipped with thermal packs to prevent the cooling chain from breaking