Species Protection


Since 1998, international trade in all species of sturgeons has been regulated under CITES owing to concerns over the impact of unsustainable harvesting of and illegal trade in sturgeon populations in the wild. All sturgeons and parts or derivatives thereof (e.g. caviar, meat, skin, etc.) that enter international trade require the issuance of CITES permits or certificates. The permit system established by CITES allows regulation of trade and makes it easy to trace the source of any given shipment of caviar. Compliant with the latest CITES regulations, we note appropriate CITES number and lot number in a Label-Code on caviar tins and invoices.

An Example of a Label-Code:


BAE: Standardised Species-Code, here: Acipenser baerii

C: Code of origin of the according to CITES, here farmed in Aquaculture

FR: ISO-Country-code fort he Country of origin, here in France produced Caviar

2011: year oft he production

BE-VExx: assigned Register-number of the Company

Lot-xx: Lot-Ident.-Number for he specific caviar tin