The topic is certainly familiar to long-time caviar friends - around the turn of the millennium, the prices for wild sturgeon caviar rose dramatically, while the quality continued to deteriorate. After all 27 species of sturgeon were placed under the protection of the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), the trade in wild-caught caviar was finally banned worldwide in 2006.

At the same time, a new era began with sturgeon farming and the extraction of sturgeon caviar from aquaculture. More and more sturgeon farms went into operation worldwide. Today more than 50 companies produce sturgeon caviar. However, only a few sturgeon farms have been able to optimize the complex breeding and production processes to such an extent that they now (for three years) achieve an excellent taste quality as in the best wild sturgeon caviar times.

Every year we set ourselves the challenge of finding the best producers for you. Today, with over 16 exquisite varieties from selected sturgeon farms, we can offer you what is probably the largest selection of outstanding sturgeon caviar in Germany.


Our current recommendations apply first and foremost to all Chinese-bred sturgeon caviar varieties. Excellent caviar from the Caspian Sea has been produced here for several years with the help of the know-how of Iranian caviar experts. The Ossietra Gueldenstaedtii and the Imperial Gold caviar, a special selection of the Schrencki/Dauricus Imperial caviar, deserve special mention. A bestseller and highly recommended is the Finnish-bred Ossietra Baeri, which is produced in the beautiful nature of the Finnish Saviona region. Our Italian varieties offer excellent value for money with impeccable quality and a very fair price.

Whichever of our varieties you ultimately choose, we guarantee the highest quality and absolute freshness. With each of our products, nationwide and every day.