Chinese Beluga Caviar
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That is why Beluga caviar is so special

It is not just a delicacy, but a tribute to the discerning palate. Its shimmering grey pearls and incomparably fine, clear taste have always made it an exquisite delicacy and an indispensable pleasure for gourmets all over the world. Pamper your palate with the unique taste of our Beluga caviar! Made from the eggs of the Beluga sturgeon, which is one of the largest sturgeon species, Beluga caviar is characterized by its exceptionally large and delicate pearl sizes. The grey to black shimmering grains have an incomparable taste that connoisseurs describe as mild and creamy-tender. Of course, Beluga caviar offers you numerous other advantages:

Unique enjoyment:

Beluga caviar offers a culinary experience of the highest class. Its taste is characterized by incomparable mildness and buttery softness, with the fine, shimmering pearls melting on the tongue. This makes Beluga caviar the ultimate choice for gourmets who are looking for a delicacy that appeals to all the senses.

Handpicked quality:

Each individual grain of Beluga caviar is processed by hand with the utmost care. This complex process not only guarantees the flawless quality of each grain, but also gives the caviar a unique touch. The craftsmanship behind the production of Beluga caviar makes it a true treasure.

Versatile uses:

Beluga caviar is not only a pleasure in itself, but also offers a wide range of possibilities in the kitchen. Whether on fresh toast, thin blinis or as a refined ingredient in various dishes - the culinary versatility of this caviar opens up a world of exquisite flavor combinations.

A gift in a class of its own:

Surprise your loved ones with a gift that will never be forgotten. The elegant packaging and exclusive character make Beluga caviar a top-class gift that awakens emotions and shares the joy of enjoyment. Ideal for special occasions that call for a touch of luxury.

Our selection of sturgeon caviar embodies not only a culinary revelation, but also the essence of elegance and taste. Get this exquisite delicacy for yourself - buy caviar now and taste the luxury!

Beluga caviar for unique moments of enjoyment

Our pursuit of perfection and our passion for incomparable enjoyment are reflected in every pearl of the precious Beluga caviar. Enjoy incomparable luxury and let yourself be enchanted by the fascination of Beluga caviar - we are your first choice for the ultimate in enjoyment!

Pamper yourself with the best that the world of caviar has to offer: Our Beluga caviar, characterized by its unmistakable taste and delicate textures, is waiting to be discovered by you. Order today and experience pure pleasure!

Excellent quality:

Experience exquisite enjoyment through our many years of expertise and careful craftsmanship. Our Beluga caviar undergoes strict quality controls to ensure that every single pearl on your palate is a work of art of the highest quality.

Own breeding:

Experience caviar in its purest form - from our own farm in Iran. This carefully managed farm allows us to not only ensure the highest quality, but also promote sustainable practices. Each pearl is nurtured and cared for from the source to you with dedication and respect for the environment.

Freshness guarantee:

Our freshness guarantee means that you are not just buying Beluga caviar from us, but an experience. Each can of Beluga caviar is carefully packaged and sent directly to you. Look forward to tasting the freshness of the Caspian Sea in every pearl.

Expertise and advice:

Trust in our passion for caviar – our experts are always at your side. Discover the diversity of Beluga caviar with the knowledge and dedication of our caviar connoisseurs.