With over 16 exquisite sturgeon caviar varieties from selected sturgeon farms from all over the world, we offer you one of the largest and most diverse ranges in Germany. Whether our bestsellers from Finland and China or the Beluga from Iran, we guarantee the highest quality and absolute freshness with each of our caviar varieties, nationwide and every day.

Buy caviar – incomparable taste

Caviar is one of the world's most exquisite delicacies and has fascinated food lovers for centuries. From its fascinating history to its cultural significance, caviar is a symbol of luxury and sophistication. From Beluga caviar to Imperial, we offer a range of tantalizing variations that sturgeon caviar has to offer.

Traders from all over the world: We maintain partnerships with carefully selected traders from all corners of the world. Each of these traders shares our passion for excellent quality and authentic taste and brings unique caviar variations to the market. Farmed Caviar: Enjoy the distinctive taste of our caviar, carefully farmed in our own aquaculture in Iran. Each precious roe is processed under strict supervision to give you an unforgettable culinary experience.
Private label: Our private label embodies the best of our decades of dedication and expertise in caviar production. Each variety under our private label is the result of careful selection and strict quality controls to ensure it meets the highest standards. Tasting Packages: Each tasting package offers a carefully curated selection of caviar variations, allowing you to enjoy the variety of flavors and textures our range has to offer – designed especially for foodies!

Buy exquisite caviar: Pamper your palate with our first-class sturgeon caviar , which meets the highest demands for enjoyment thanks to its unmistakable quality – order your favorite variety today!

Are you unsure about which caviar to choose or would you like to try out different types of caviar? With our specially selected tasting packages at special conditions, we enable you to find your desired caviar.

Buy caviar: enjoyment at the highest level

We are passionate about perfection in every type of caviar we offer - we offer a selection that will delight even the most discerning palates. What sets us apart is not only the diversity of our offering, but also our commitment to sustainability. We source our caviar exclusively from sources that meet our strict sustainability requirements.

Treat yourself to incomparable pleasure and pamper your taste buds – buy our high-quality caviar now!

Today we not only specialize in caviar, but also offer a selection of the most exclusive delicacies of particular rarity and the highest quality in our range. Whether Kamchatka king crabs from the Bering Sea, the best foie gras from the traditional company Rougie Bizac, fresh truffles from Piedmont or the world's best Kobe steaks, each of our selected delicacies turns festive evenings into unforgettable culinary highlights.

Wagyu, Iberico, Dry Aged and more

Meat quality redefined

Whether wild and at the same time lean bison meat or tender, finely marbled Wagyu beef, we source each of our gourmet meat products exclusively from certified and award-winning family businesses. The entire meat range can be found in our SHOP


by Rougie Bizac

We obtain our foie gras of the highest quality from Rougie Bizac, which we regard as by far the most trusted institution for this sensitive product. The secret of Rougié: newly developed cultivation and fattening methods that are both environmentally and animal friendly. You can find more about this in our SHOP



The marine world has much more to offer than caviar, which is why we have put together a fine selection of the most varied seafood and types of fish from species-appropriate husbandry for you. You can find the entire range of fish and seafood in our SHOP

Dom Perignon, Beluga Vodka, Rochelt Gin

Champagne & Co.

In order to meet the high demands of true connoisseurs, we have put together an exclusive selection for you from the world's wealth of fine spirits, which should leave no wish unfulfilled. You can find our selection in the SHOP

whole truffle, truffle carpaccio, honey with truffle


We obtain the highly aromatic truffle products exclusively from the family business Selezione Tartufi. Here the fresh truffles are processed immediately without preservatives in order to preserve the full aroma. You can find our truffle products in the SHOP

vinegars, oils, spices & salts

Subtle flavors of the kitchen

Whether aromatic olive oils from the best regions of Europe, Aceto Balsamico that is up to 25 years old, saffron threads from Iran or special salts from Hawaii and the Himalayas, you will find our exclusive selection here in the SHOP


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