Every year our caviar is selected on site at the source. Whether on the Caspian Sea, in Alaska, Uruguay or in China, no distance is too far for us to check the necessary standards and guarantee the highest quality standards. On behalf of Caviar Tresor, our caviar is shipped in original tins to Waterloo in Belgium, where the decanting and packaging takes place in one of the most modern caviar laboratories in the world.


Even before decanting, the caviar is removed from the original tins and carefully checked by our caviar experts: pearliness and shine of the grains, as well as a species-typical, fine smell are the main characteristics of high-quality caviar. Above all, good caviar must be uniform in shape and size.


In order to avoid oxidation of the caviar, the transfer from the original tin to smaller tins takes place within a few minutes. The highest hygiene standards of the EU are observed and regularly checked.

Depending on the customer's wishes, the filling takes place in glass, slip-on or vacuum cans. According to EU directives, each can is finally sealed with a sealing tape and provided with the associated Cites and lot number. This is how we guarantee that every single can of caviar can be traced back to its source! When, where and by whom the catch was made can be determined in this way.


After decanting and delivery, our fresh caviar can easily be stored for up to 2 months at a storage temperature of +/-2 degrees Celsius. The dispatch always takes place in styrofoam boxes. These are filled with cold packs so that the cold chain is not interrupted.