Since 1999 we have set ourselves the task of fulfilling the desires of a select group of customers with our passion for the sublime of all delicacies.

The highest level of reliability, a discreet customer approach, a flexible, lightning-fast delivery service and, above all, consistently high quality at affordable prices are the top priorities of our company philosophy. We can now fall back on a group of customers throughout Germany, from market-leading bulk buyers, a large proportion of the three, two and one Michelin star houses, traditional German clubs and associations to a private customer group of aristocrats and well-known large industrialists. In 2007 we can also call ourselves a successful supplier to the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm.


With over 16 types of sturgeon caviar from selected sturgeon farms from all over the world, we offer you one of the largest ranges of sturgeon caviar. In optimal freshness, nationwide and every day.

But today we are not only specialized in caviar, but also offer a selection of the most exclusive delicacies of particular rarity and the highest quality in our range. Whether Kamchatka king crabs from the Bering Sea, the best foie gras from the traditional house of Rougie Bizac, fresh truffles from Piedmont or the world's best Kobe steaks, each of our selected delicacies turns festive evenings into unforgettable culinary highlights. With the aim of being able to meet your wishes, we are always happy to receive suggestions and suggestions for improvement, which we would be happy to implement for you.

We hope you enjoy our products and services and hope to be able to include you in the CAVIART- TRESOR family.

Your Houman Ghoreishi, owner