Pickled salmon (graved salmon), 1000g

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Approx. 700g. Pickled salmon (graved salmon) (vacuum-packed, pre-cut, deep-frozen) whole side, from fresh salmon, boneless, marinated in Scandinavian style! A special, outstanding quality !!

Selection smoked salmon (“Superior Quality” Norway, Scotland, Ireland)

In cooperation with traditional companies that specialize in salmon imports, we can offer you a selection of the best smoked salmon of the highest quality every week. Tender to the bite, this gently smoked salmon melts in your mouth! All the advantages that true gourmets expect from salmon are combined here! (ALSO IDEAL AS A PRESENT FOR FRIENDS AND BUSINESS PARTNERS! Ask us for further details!

Latin inscription: Salmo Salar

Ingredients: Salmon (Salmon Salar), Dill, Salt, Pepper, Smoke

Origin: Scotland

Condition: frozen, vacuum packed

Preservatives: none

Allergy Advice! Contains: Fish

Store cool at - 2°C to + 2°C

Shelf life: 2 weeks at +/- 2°C

Responsible entrepreneur: Caviar Tresor Delikatessen Gmbh & Co. KG, Querstücken 3 A, 22851 Norderstedt, Germany

If you make a purchase via our online shop, we offer you to have the purchased delicacies delivered fresh shortly before Christmas! Simply send us a separate email with the desired delivery date. Deliveries can be made between Tuesdays and Fridays.

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