King salmon raw New Zealand, approx. 1430g

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Approx. 1430 gr. (vacuum packed, frozen, with skin) whole side, boneless.

The Ora King Salmon from New Zealand is the Rolls Royce of farmed salmon.

Or to put it more simply: It is the king among salmon with unsurpassed characteristics.

The Ora King grows under optimal breeding conditions in one of the purest waters in the world. In the Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand, sustainable, species-appropriate husbandry from breeding to harvest is a matter of course. The strong, extremely fatty marbled meat is firm and at the same time uniquely tender, and the light, shimmering skin is a feast for the eyes.

One packaging unit consists of an approx. 1430g side with skin.

Latin name: Oncoryhnchus tshawytscha

Ingredients: Salmon with skin

Origin: New Zealand

Condition: deep frozen, vacuum packed

Preservatives: none

Allergy warning! Contains: Fish

Store cool at -18°C

Minimum shelf life: 3 months at +/- 2°C

Responsible entrepreneur: John Ross Jr. (Aberdeen) Ltd., 78-84 Sinclair Road, AB11 9PP Aberdeen, Scotland

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