Kyushu Wagyu Roast Beef from Japan, approx. 350g

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Located in southwestern Japan, Kyushu Island is known for its active volcanoes and thermal springs. Here, too, the famous old Japanese Wagyu cattle breed is bred, which has been preserved due to the island's isolation. A new crossbreed here is the Kyushu cattle, which is characterized by longer legs, but belongs to the well-known Wagyu cattle. For a long time, Buddhism prohibited the consumption of the animals and the Wagyus were only used for work purposes. The Wagyu cattle were therefore able to develop over many centuries. We owe it to the Japanese culture, which is single-minded and always goes the way of perfection, to taste such a noble qualitative meat. The pronounced marbling and its red color make it unmistakable. The warm climate in the southwest of Japan are the ideal conditions for the Wgyu cattle, which is also reflected in the taste. Good husbandry and species-appropriate feeding make this beef a unique treat for the palate. The meat has a fine aromatic taste and almost melts on the tongue.

Origin: Japan

Ingredients: Wagyu Meat

Condition: frozen, vacuum packed

Shelf life: 6 months at min. -18°C

Responsible entrepreneur: Caviar Tresor Delikatessen Gmbh & Co. KG, Querstücken 3 A, 22851 Norderstedt, Germany

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