Wagyu Kobe Style Entrecote Ribeye from Australia, approx. 350gr.

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With a “rib eye” steak, you are holding the classic and culinary highlight among steaks in your hands. It is considered the very best choice among steak fans. That’s all in advance. – The rib eye or entrecôte is, as the French name suggests, a piece of ribs between ribs. More precisely, a piece from the front back of the beef, which is why it is also called “high rib”. You can recognize the rib eye by the enclosed “fat eye” or “fat core”, which is one of the reasons for its incredible taste, juiciness and its enormous popularity among die-hard steak fans. Added to this are the three to four muscle strands typical of the rib eye and the perfect marbling, which is not least a sign of the high quality of the meat. If you choose a rib eye from Australian Wagyu cattle, you can enjoy one of the healthiest steaks. The meat of Wagyu cattle, which originally comes from Japan, has a whopping 50 percent more unsaturated fatty acids than that of other cattle breeds. Added to this is its enormous tenderness and juiciness as well as the almost perfect marbling, which make this high-quality product simply unbeatable.

Origin: Australia

Ingredients: Wagyu meat

Condition: frozen, vacuum packed

Minimum shelf life: 6 months at least -18°C

Responsible entrepreneur: Gebrüder Otto Gourmet GmbH, Boos-Fremery-Str. 62, Bizzpark Oberbruch, 52525 Heinsberg, Germany

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