Blue Breton lobsters v. ROUGIÈ, 175g

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Tail and 2 claws, without shell ! 100% usable! Vacuum packed and ready to prepare! Top quality from ROUGIÉ BIZAC!

Lat. Name: homarus americanus

Origin: France

Ingredients: Breton lobster meat, with claws

Condition: frozen, vacuum packed

Minimum shelf life: 6 months at least -18°C

Preservatives: none

Allergy warning! Contains: Crustaceans

Store in a cool place at -18°C

Responsible entrepreneur: EURALIS GASTRONOMIE, Avenue du Périgord, BP 118, 24203 SARLAT, FRANCE

If you make a purchase via our online shop, we offer you to have the purchased delicacies delivered fresh shortly before Christmas! Simply send us a separate email with the desired delivery date. Deliveries can be made between Tuesdays and Fridays.

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